There is no fixed deadline for the IRP to complete its Independent Review. The date for publication of the Interim Report will be communicated on this website once it has been fixed. The Final Report will be published once the consultation process has been conducted. The stages of review can broadly be summarised as follows:

1. Evidence gathering

The IRP, in conjunction with the Secretariat, is conducting a significant evidence gathering exercise to establish the factual background to the review. This process will involve a large number of interviews with individuals from across the sport, including past and present representatives from the Governing Bodies of International Tennis, the Tennis Integrity Unit and participants from all aspects of the game.

The IRP will also meet with individuals from outside the sport, including betting and data supply operators, as well as gambling regulators.

2. Consideration of the evidence

The evidence and testimony gathered will be considered by the IRP, and if necessary investigated further.

3. Interim Report with recommendations

The IRP with produce an Interim Report, identifying possible recommendations for change.

4. Consultation on recommendations

Following the publication of the Interim Report, there will be a period of consultation with stakeholders as to the recommendations in that report.

5. Final Report with recommendations

The IRP will produce a Final Report to the Governing Bodies of International Tennis with its recommendations. The ATP, WTA, ITF and the Grand Slam Board have committed to make the findings and conclusions of the IRP publicly available and to implement all of the IRP’s final recommendations.