The factual ambit of the issues to be considered by the IRP covers match fixing and other related breaches of integrity, and in particular the situation where a player has determined in advance to deliberately lose a match or part of it, provision of inside information that may be used for gambling purposes, failure to report match-fixing and other breaches of integrity, failure to assist investigations into match fixing and other breaches of integrity, gambling by participants on their own and other players’ matches, facilitation of gambling on such matches by others, sponsorship of players by betting operators, and the actions of officials in relation to match fixing and other breaches of integrity.

It does not cover doping or other forms of cheating to win, or other possible conduct that could bring the sport into disrepute.

In accordance with the Terms of Reference, the Independent Review of Integrity in Tennis will address the following specific areas:

  • Nature and extent of the problem faced by tennis
  • Rules governing match fixing and related breaches of integrity
  • Mechanisms for enforcement of the rules
  • Adequacy of enforcement since 1 January 2009
  • Relationships established by the TIU
  • Independence of the TIU
  • Resources and structure of the TIU
  • Transparency of the TIU’s processes
  • Education in respect of match fixing and related breaches of integrity
  • Disruption
  • Modification of aspects of the organisation of professional tennis

In addition, the IRP has been asked to review and report on relevant matters that occurred up to the end of 2008, before the adoption of the TACP and creation of the TIU.

The IRP has also been asked to review and report on the significance of the roles of the bodies outside of tennis, including international and state bodies and law enforcement agencies, betting operators and other relevant bodies.